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What To Do When You Feel Stuck

One thing we all have in common as human beings is that we can easily get sidetracked as we struggle to identify who we are and what our purpose is – no matter where we are in our life’s journey. Are you confused about what to do when you feel stuck? I know I certainly have been!

Most people who have had this experience in their lifetime, or are currently experiencing it, describe it as being ‘stuck’ for a good reason. We can all think of a time where we looked closely at our life, whether in the past or present, and wondered how we could get out of the rut we’d fallen into.Your unhappiness may stem from a lack of satisfaction with your career, an unstable family life, or a lack of clarity and purpose. When you are being blinded by your situation and unable to figure out what to do when you feel stuck, remember that this moment is temporary… and keep reading!

You Are Not Alone!

Firstly, know that you are not alone in this. It can be disconcerting to look around and observe so many people navigating life and achieving their goals with what appears to be effortless success. Many of the lives you may admire and covet from afar are filled with the same feelings of confusion and distraction that are flooding you. We can often dig ourselves deeper into the pits of our negative feelings when we compare our lives with the lives of those we see around us. Many of our issues lie in our inability to effectively rid ourselves of our negative beliefs and underlying patterns.

The fact of the matter is: human beings struggle. You may say, “But what about the neighbour with the constantly well-behaved children and the picture-perfect marriage?” I can guarantee that they’ve battled through dark moments as well. “Not my coworker – they just got a promotion and bought the biggest house on their block!” I would bet good money that even that coworker has woken up one morning feeling miserable and having the same feelings of restlessness that you have experienced or may be experiencing right now.
Knowing that these feelings aren’t singular to you and can actually help you move into the next stage of elevation, which is:

Identifying the Source

It is impossible to solve an issue, whether big or small, unless you are able to determine the source of the problem itself. When you are in the process of determining what to do when you feel stuck– true clarity, meditation, and reflection are your best friends! Life gets busy with work, school, and family responsibilities and it can appear difficult to take time out of your day to sit quietly and reflect, but you must! Find the quietest room in the house, a breezy local park, or even take some time in your car; all you need is a space that allows for a few minutes of solitude and focus.

Once you have settled yourself, find a comfortable position, close your eyes, and breathe deeply to clear your mind of life’s distractions

Oftentimes, these ‘stuck’ feelings are due to discomfort we feel in relation to an area of our lives that we believe is no longer progressing or experiencing positive growth. As you take time to breathe in and out slowly, begin to analyze the areas of your life honestly and openly. Are you happy in your marriage? Do you feel satisfied with your career development? Are your children grounded and thriving as you envisioned them to be? How is your mental and physical health? Do you feel grounded in yourself, your goals, your truth and your purpose? These are just a few questions that may be useful in honing in on the reasons for any negative feelings in your quest to determine what to do when you feel stuck.

Do you ever ignore your needs and wellbeing to support and advance others? I spent many years refusing to acknowledge how unhappy and sad I was in life. How could I dwell in my misery when I had so many responsibilities and things to do? It was only after I was honest with myself about my pain that I was able to make the necessary steps towards personal growth and healing that I had neglected and that had built up for so long. This reflection may feel emotional and painful, but this step is absolutely necessary. You have the ability to power through your pain

Make Your Personal ‘Un-stuck Plan’ and Follow it!

Even emotional battles need a clear plan and concise directives. Now that we know clearly what has caused our mental cloudiness, we can guide ourselves through the process of lifting these clouds and reigniting our internal flame. How do we re-ignite a passion or emotion that has been lying dormant? We jump in feet first!

Your first task is to write down the thoughts and beliefs that you feel are holding you back. Grab your favourite journal or notepad, open up your phone’s note app, or make use of the closest crayon. Are you treating your body with respect? Are you neglecting yourself in any area of your life? What are you avoiding and why? Where do you feel shaky and uncertain?

Now, counter these thoughts with positive, empowering ones. Write the actions you can take for each. Turning off your work laptop an hour earlier every night. Check. Exercising for at least 30 minutes every other day. Check. Talking with your partner about your needs and an improved relationship. Check. When you’re done writing, center your energy around your new beliefs and repeat them out loud until you feel yourself becoming grounded in truth.

The simple act of putting your mental plan into the physical realm by writing and speaking it can support you in achieving these tasks. Now is the time to channel your energy into thoughts of personal positive reinforcement and encouragement because thoughts become things.

Once you have committed to your life changes, ground yourself in the knowledge that you are a capable and dynamic force, and that being stuck is not the highlight of your story but just the beginning of an awakening, reinvention, growth and transformation. Lifting yourself from your funk may not be easy, but faithfully using your ‘unstuck plan’ as a guide can make the road a lot smoother. Following these tips on what to do when you feel stuck can be the key to clearing your head and feeling on purpose. These techniques are universal; I use these methods for finding peace through reflection in both my past life regression therapy and inner child work therapy sessions.

Life is a maze of hardships and victories; ultimately, I’ve realized that our lives are governed not by our circumstances, but by how we view and respond to what arises.

Our minds, both conscious and unconscious, can become bogged down with worry, skepticism, and doubt. As an experienced intuitive life coach committed to helping others heal and reset from the inside-out, I know that identifying what to do when you feel stuck can feel like unraveling miles of tangled rope. For over 15 years, my passion has been coaching, transforming, and enlightening the lives of those around me. Every person’s story will be written differently and no two will ever be the same; let me help you on your unique path towards clarity, peace, fulfillment, and purpose!

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