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Connect with your natural power and the magic of the universe at my mentoring and personal development events

“A girl should be two things: who and what she wants.” 

Coco Chanel

Can you hear the universe’s sweet call?

There is more we don’t know than we do know

NASA says 95% of our universe is dark matter and energy that we can’t explain.

This means we only know 5% of what’s going on around us. Whoa! Mind-blowing! 

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready, willing and eager to open my mind to the possibilities of what that other 95% holds for us. Heck, even Albert Einstein believed that empty space is not nothing. Who am I to argue with a genius?!

Would you like to open your third eye and crown chakra to the infinite possibilities of that 95%?

When we tap into the energy of the universe we begin to follow our instincts and trust that we know exactly what to do and where to go. We learn to read the signs the cosmos is sending us.

Do you want me to show you how at one of my spiritual mentoring and personal development events?

Current events

When you plug into the multidimensional universe you connect with the wisdom of your higher self, spirit guides and angels.

You tap into your intuition and hear your soul’s whispers. If you’re not sure how to, I can help you fill that knowledge gap.

During my workshops, you’ll learn how to use spiritual and psychological techniques that get to the very essence of who you were and who you are. And, more importantly, discover the fulfilled and magical person you can be. 

You’ll connect with the energy around you and explore the mystical realms of our universe.

Sound good? Here are my current spiritual mentoring and personal development events…

Join Me Live

Join me at my personal development events where I teach you how to tune into Universal FM and sway to the beat of its sweet melody.

You’ll learn how to tap into your natural state of joy and discover the potential of everything you can be.

Soul Dancer is for people who know – who KNOW – that there is more meaning to be found in their lives. That there is more to us than the human shells we wear. And they want to explore it all. 

Are you ready to dance towards your true purpose in life? Let me give you the personal empowerment tools and mind management techniques you need to connect with the magical energies around and within you.


from those who have loved the live events

What happens

at my mentoring and personal development group events?

It depends on which one you attend, but you can expect to do some or all of the following:

Uncover your hidden magic by tapping into your intuition and inner gifts.

Design and start manifesting a clear vision of your future.

Equip yourself with energy and mindset tools to transform your life.

Embrace your natural power and the ability to call in abundance.

Learn how to heal sacred wounds and release stored trauma.

Delve into previous lives and discover what experiences still affect you today.

Leave feeling empowered, unstoppable and ready to live the life you desire.

Is your intuition calling you to join in?

Let there be no more lurking on the edge of life’s dancefloor watching everyone else have all the fun. Put on those leather trousers and leave the old Sandra D behind. Because it’s time for you to move to your true self’s tempo.

Yes! I’d like to know more.