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Iona has appeared on several radio shows and loves making guest speaking appearances. She has appeared on shows with Wellbeing Radio, Living Life with Goddess Power and WTF Conscious Collective. Scroll down to have a listen to the shows.

Mystic Musings, No BS approach to Modern Mindset and Spirituality for Life and Business. Real talk – No fluffy unicorns, they’re cute ‘n all but WTF. Let’s dive deeper and have some fun in the process. With proven tips and techniques to empower you to embody your fkkin’ Magnificent inner Magic, with confidence and clarity. Let’s Dance with Heart + Soul!

Episode 1: Undiscovered to Activated and Empowered.

What is the missing link in living an aligned successful life: mind body and soul. We are talking into the divine feminine and the divine masculine, and WTF do we mean. You might be surprised by what Khadarua shares with us about the kick back he’s had online about working with women. Have you heard about the Red Dragon?

Khadaura is a US Army Combat Veteran, Embodiment Coach, Mystic and Master Alchemist. He is the founder of Goddess Alchemy®, an in-person and online training to tap into the Primal Creatrix, Sacred Lunar Cycles, and Warrior Spirit within based on breaking through the Anima and Animus (Unconscious Self). Khadaura’s life flows with love, joy, intimacy, grace and sovereignty. He has been featured in Disrupt, The CW, ArmyTimes, NBC and CBS.

Season 1 Episode 2: Come and listen to what is stopping people from success, and how we can actually balance the masculine and feminine in your life and business. You gotta dig deep into the shadow and commit to your vision as an entrepreneur. What is the new paradigm shift? What is the number one thing holding you back in your success? Come and learn to be inflow in the new paradigm of business life with Niyc Pidgeon.

Niyc is a Northern lass from England now living in LA. She has gone from working on top of her suitcase as a desk, to running multiple 6 & 7 figure businesses, is a leading positive psychologist, award-winning Hay House author, and twice certified high performance and success coach. What is the wow+do we are talking about?

Episode 3:

Come and listen to Iona chatting with Matthew Liam Gardner @matthewliamgardner or www.facebook.com/matthewliamgardner about unmasking and being true to yourself

Episode 4:

In conversation with Richard Rudd looking at the simplest of truths in what it is to find your purpose and BE all that you are in the moment, diving deeply into the art of contemplation. we discuss what is wisdom compared to knowledge, tapping into the rhythms of your intuition and uncover how to embody your way of BE-ing. Come and celebrate the moments with us and listen out for his ‘golden nugget’. Check out Richard’s website.

Episode 5:

Talking with Richard Knight, sharing our view on living your Life and Soul’s Purpose, embracing your inner maverick without the need to go off-grid and become a spiritual recluse. Plus you can BE a maverick too, walking your souls’ desires and dancing the dance of your soul. Don’t be a charlatan it’s time to walk your talk. // // Richard Knight is recognised as one of the worlds leading authorities on Psychic Functioning with thousands of students worldwide. He also mentors two advanced Academies whose members represent the elite of practitioners of the Tarot, Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Intuitive Coaching.

Sharing real talk, tips and techniques for activating freedom from within your soul, so you can live a life of purpose and live your legacy now. Feeling fulfilled, happy and magnificent, and without the BS limiting belief system.

Sharing concepts and insight from her debut book Making Waves.

Finding your purpose

Are you feeling inspired in your life? or are you feeling disillusioned by the “dream” you’ve been told to pursue for success? Do you feel like something missing?

We’re taking a break to create new content, in the meantime enjoy some of our favourite episodes for the next 8 weeks. We will be replaying Iona Russell’s favourite episodes.

Are you setting yourself up for success with morning mindset & mediation? Let’s talk about Morning routines; Mindset, Mediation , Intention setting and how I became “Zen Iona”- and you can too.

“You are here to create heaven on earth” is the title of Iona’s chapter in Living Life Goddess Powered’ here she speaks from her heart at Wellbeing Radio. What is important to you? What is success to you?  You are here with a Freakin mission that only you can bring into the world. Learn how to follow the breadcrumbs for your greatest dream.

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