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Past Life Regression Therapy

Have you ever experienced flashbacks of memories that you do not recognise as your own? Past life regression therapy seeks to answer questions for those who believe they are affected by the residual experiences from their previous incarnations. The concept of reincarnation and past lives has been observed, both verbally and written, dating back as far as the history of man. Reincarnation is the rebirth of energy that occurs after a soul has transitioned in death, manifesting itself in a new life. These lives are often not connected in any way and are not bound by physical characteristics such as race, age, gender, or location.

As an intuitive life coach, I use past life regression therapy to assist my clients in unveiling details from their prior lives that may be influencing their present lives. Each previous life is full of both joyful and painful experiences that can affect the beliefs and behaviours of each client’s current journey. Unexplainable anxiety and phobias may be linked to events that have passed on to us from our previous lives. Regression therapy has the power to be transformative for those who are interested in unlocking the doors and exploring the roads leading to our reincarnations. The journey to discovering our life or soul purpose is often filled with uncertainty and doubt; past life regression therapy can provide clarity and guidance for clients who are on a path towards discovering their ultimate purpose.

What is past life regression therapy?

Past life regression therapy does not need to be a traumatising or stressful experience to be effective. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, I focus on healing in a calm, soothing manner. Past life regression therapy is a therapy used to aid clients in accessing of their soul memories, the revelation of a calling, or their liberation from negative thoughts. This type of therapy can be beneficial even for those who do not believe in past lives. Regressions often lead to life lessons through subconscious metaphors and parallels that can be applied to present situations.

Regression therapy utilises hypnosis during sessions as a tool to place clients into a deep state of relaxation. Hypnosis also encourages the total release of physical and mental tension, which can act as a barrier to regressed thoughts and memories. This state of tranquility permits the hypnotherapist to guide the client through a series of questions aimed at revealing these past lives. Contrary to belief, past life regression clients do not lose consciousness during their sessions, maintaining full control of their senses, and have the freedom to end the session at any point.

Similar to inner child work therapy, past life regression therapy requires the client to be mindfully open to the process of releasing their energy and allowing their awareness to wander. It is important for a regression client to begin the session with an understanding of the questions they would like answered and a strong, clear intention. Whether your confusion lies in what to do when you feel stuck, unusual phobias or anxieties, or explaining memories of events that do not come from your present life, past life regression therapy can provide clarity in all areas of your life, including your life/soul purpose.

Does regression therapy really work?

I have had great success with my past life regression therapy clients. While no therapy is effective 100% of the time, the majority of clients walk away from sessions with, at least, a feeling of peace regarding their situations. My work as a meditative guide is to hold my clients’ ‘mental hand’ through their regression without directly influencing the path their awareness takes. The visualisations and emotions that are experienced are manifestations stemming from their own subconscious; my work merely creates the atmosphere for the subconscious to reveal itself.

What can past life regression therapy reveal?

Whether or not you believe in the concept of reincarnation and past lives, past life regression therapy is a useful tool for identifying the root of negative emotions. It is common for us to mentally bury trauma and grief rather than facing them directly and employing healthy coping mechanisms. Regression therapy often unveils these badly concealed emotional wounds and provides the avenue through which this harmful energy can be released from the mind safely and without retraumatisation.

Past life regression is a full sensory experience; clients commonly see, hear, feel, and smell the details of stories vividly as they unfold. Emotions such as grief, anger, joy, and love can often be felt so strongly by clients that they feel as if they have been physically transplanted into the storyline of their past life. The exploration of negative past life events may be necessary for certain types of healing, but this exploration is always done with the permission of the client and at a pace of their choosing. The goal is not to burden the client with the negative events of their past lives, but to allow them the safe navigation of these experiences for current life perspective.

As a clinical hypnotherapist and experienced life coach, I believe that past life regression therapy is ideal for those who are questioning their life journey or in need of clarity and direction.

Over the last 15 years, I have seen firsthand the level of healing that can be achieved through past life regression; with the right intentions, clients can use this therapy to restore balance, focus, and enlightenment to their lives.

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