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Hey, I'm Iona

Feel like you’re destined for more but something’s holding you back?

Don’t worry, I can activate you with “I’ve freakin’ got this” vibes. 

As a Visionary Business Sage, I'm here to Anchor in your Vision

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Harness the potent energy of the elements and unlock your boundless entrepreneurial potential. 

Anchor in your
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‘Elemental Abundance’ is out now. Find out about Iona’s newest book here.

Iona’s ‘Find Your True Self’
Magical Menufesto

Choose your concoction

You already have the secret potion for summoning greatness.

You just need to believe it.

Luckily, helping people level up and live their dreams is the fairy dust I sprinkle in my teachings. I’ve spent decades studying the psychological and spiritual practices that will elevate you to your best potential. 

The techniques I now use with my clients took me from depressed and directionless to being a best-selling author and motivational speaker on stages around the world. Your goals might be different from mine – but they are just as achievable.

Would you like to uncover and wield your inner power?

You had me at ‘Magic AF’. Let’s chat.

1-2-1 coaching
'ELEMENTAL: Own Your Natural Power'

Group events to
fire up your soul & stoke your power

Find your magic
with my books

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Every little thing you do is magic

And magic is in everything.

You are bloody unique and miraculous. I need to start by telling you this. The odds of you being born were one in 400 trillion. Yet here you are. 

Not only that, the elements released in the big bang are the elements you’re made of today. You’re 97% actual bloomin’ stardust! You’re 100% unique and no one, NO ONE, has your exact superpowers.

Do you know how amazing you are? I’m guessing you don’t. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be on my page. Let’s change that.

Because you’ve freakin’ got this.

Let me guess why you’re here…

You’ve likely landed here for one
(or more) of these reasons…

Or, maybe you need more zing?

Perhaps everything in your life is a nice vanilla shade of okay.

Yet you crave more colour and flavour in your world. You want it double chocolate chip with rainbow sprinkles on top, please and thank you. Because life isn’t meant to be bland. It should be a soul-full taste sensation.

You know this. That’s why you want to do more, be more and impact more. 

But you’re stuck. Something is missing from your life. 

That something is the real you. Not the one who pleases others, lives in fear and bends to fit in.

It’s the one who was born to feel fulfilled, live wild-heartedly, attract success and make a difference in the world.

I’m here to show you that you can be that person. You can tick all the boxes on the Magical Menufesto.

Because you’ve freakin’ got this.

But where do I start, Iona?

Let’s start at the very beginning.
A very good place to start.
(Thanks for that one, Julie Andrews.)

Let me explain. We all arrive on this planet with a purpose. With a passion that ignites our inner fire. And, we all have our own talents and gifts that power up that fire. 

Unfortunately, along the way, our power often dims. The pressures of life and societal expectations on women grow like weeds and conceal our soul’s true path. Until we can no longer recognise how amazing we are and how much we can achieve. 

But, all is not lost. You’re not lost. You can find yourself. So, it’s time to go back to the start, to the person you were born to be. Own your natural power again!

Because (you guessed it) you’ve freakin’ got this.

Let me help you connect back with the awesome woman who’s been inside you all along.

Here’s how…

Bridge the mind and soul;

reach next level dreams

As you might be able to tell already, I’m not your average breakthrough coach.

I’m 100% a spiritual explorer. Yet, my roots are grounded in evidence-based psychology, too. 

I use a mix of psychological and spiritual practices to remove any blocks stopping you from being Oprah-level orgasmically phenomenal. I like to call it “bridging the mind and soul”. But no overly fluffy woo woo BS included. I keep things real and grounded. Promise.

Does this intrigue you?

If so, there are three main ways you can work with me.

1-2-1s. Own your natural power

If you want to dive deep and connect with the power already hiding within you then my breakthrough coaching sessions are for you. During this 6-month transformational journey you’ll have my full attention. The programme is tailored entirely to your own unique needs. Group coaching slots are also available if you prefer.

The processes I use align with the four elements: earth (discover your true self), water (let go of limits), air (find your North Star) and fire (find your power and strength). By understanding your brain’s complex language and connecting back with the universe you can live the extraordinary life you’ve dreamed of.

Learn with others

If you’re not quite ready to work one-on-one with a breakthrough coach then a group spiritual and personal development event can be an extremely powerful alternative.

I lead many events to help kickstart your transformation and help you embrace the real you. From activating your inner power to helping you find the confidence to grab the life you want with both hands. My jam is helping women level up to be everything they were born to be.

Click to find the event that suits you.

Grow at your own pace

Not everyone feels ready to jump right in and face their shadows. And especially not with an audience. If this is you, then that’s okay. I’ve written several books and guided meditations exactly for this purpose. So you can dip your toe in and explore your inner self in your own time.

By reading and listening to them you’ll learn more about what’s blocking you and how to step into your power.

Are you ready to put on X-Ray (Ban 😉) specs

that show the power you’ve always
had inside?

If so, let’s chat more about how a breakthrough coach (me!) can help you.

And remember, you’ve freakin’ got this!

Listen to my previous clients

speak about how they found success and fulfilment after working with me.

“I included her in Chapter 10 of my first book because I was so inspired by the work that she does.”

– Jojo Fraser,
Author of “Mummy JoJo UNCUT: Time for a Mojo Injection”

“I could come out, out of hiding and I can stand tall and proud now being me.”

– Caroline Palmy,
Teacher of Hearts, Author, Speaker and Healer

“She’s ready to take you for who you are at face value, listen, have no judgement, and very, very constructive in her advice to you.”

– John Carstairs,
CEO of Midibreath

“She’s just a genuine person. There’s no show, there’s no ego, there’s no agenda.”

-Tara Inchbald (VIP Client),
Entrepreneur and Health & Wellness Keynote speaker

“What Iona did was take me out of my head and out of my analytical self. I was able to see myself from a completely different perspective.”

-Johdi Woodford,
Movement Therapist and Business Owner

“Iona really got me to step past that fear, really got me to take me that first step in facing what was holding me back.”

-Emma Dredge,
CEO of Project Awesome Life