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Imposter Syndrome Or Train your Brain for Success – Part 1

What does imposter syndrome feel like?

✔ Ever felt inadequate

✔ A foreboding sense of failure

✔ Lotta self-doubt?

That’s imposter syndrome for you. 

When you feel like you’re not good enough, not worthy and that at any moment you will be found out as a fraud.

Feels shitty really and not a place anyone wants to be, yet the more people I meet on my entrepreneur journey, the more I see we are all struck with this affliction at one point or another.

Not Exclusive to Newbies

And did you know it’s not something solely for new business owners?

In fact, many well-established CEO’s and entrepreneurs experience this.

Some of the most successful people I know have felt it. 

Really, it’s true, but why is this? 

Surely if you have reached a certain level of financial security with consistent clients and well basically let’s say you are killing it, then why would imposter syndrome or any of those other feelings, rear their ugly heads?

You see you might experience these feelings when you go through a change or uplevel. I honestly find that we can experience the biggest feelings of imposter syndrome when we are about to step outside our comfort zone and up level our  life and  business. 

A change such as:

You are working with more established names. 

Recently made 6 figures.

You might have been invited to speak Live on stage for the first time.

So why at the height of success great things are you suddenly feeling like a big fraud?

Your mind keeps you safe, in what’s familiar within your comfort zone. You see when you are afraid, that instinct kicks in, but here’s the most surprising part.

The Real Kicker 

Fear FEELs the same as excitement!!!

Mind Blown? Yes, deep down our subconscious doesn’t differentiate between plain old fear and excitement. In ‘The Big Leap’ by Gay Hendricks, refers to fear is excitement with your breathe held. That’s quite something isn’t it and a cool visual.

You have to train your brain to respond with pure excitement instead. I have a few tips and techniques for overcoming the fear in my book, Making Waves

Want to know how? Then come back next week for the next part of Train your Brain for Success.

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