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What Is An Intuitive Life Coach and Why Work With One?

An intuitive life coach can be pivotal in the lives of those who are experiencing feelings of hopelessness, confusion, and lack of motivation. These feelings are universal – every human being will hit a wall at some point in their life journey. I know I certainly have! When you are facing these types of negative emotions, you may notice that your thought process becomes muddled, making it difficult for you to move forward or make the progress you desire.

Every individual’s life journey is wrought with its own challenges; many people facing difficulties are unaware of the power of reaching out to others for help through these challenges. The aim of an intuitive life coach is to help you freely access and understand your intuition as a pathway to realising and reaching your goals. My clients seek my help in finding clarity regarding various areas of their lives, including their careers, family life, and soul purpose. 

What is intuition?

Before we can truly understand how intuitive life coaches are of benefit to accessing the intuition, we first have to break down the meaning of the word. Although there are many versions of definitions, intuition essentially refers to the ability to understand a situation using instinctive feeling rather than conscious reasoning or rational explanation. Intuition is also sometimes also referred to as the ‘gut feeling’ or unexplainable sixth sense.

Have you ever had an experience where you were certain you needed to do or say something, but could not rationalise where this strong feeling came from or why? These silent urges are often a product of our intuition. Many people believe that when they do not heed these seemingly mysterious urges, they later regret the outcomes of these situations. Intuition can be your guide for everything from remembering to grab your wallet before leaving for work to deciding what to do when you feel stuck in life.

It is common for people to ignore their intuition, believing that important decisions must only be made after intense rationalisation and overthinking. For those who are skeptical about using intuition guidance, it is important to note that it does not require the complete abandonment of structure or planning that many people crave. Contrary to popular belief, following your intuition does not have to be reckless, hasty, or impulsive!

Is intuition the only method used as a guide during coaching?

My work as an intuitive life coach is influenced by my background in clinical hypnotherapist and aided by techniques such as neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and the ancient Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono. The use of hypnosis can be helpful for clients who are anxious or apprehensive about addressing the root of their negative emotions by connecting to their spiritual selves. Hypnotherapy allows for the gentle leading of clients into a safe, calming, suggestive state, perfect for opening the mind without causing more mental damage. I strongly believe that confronting negative emotions or blockages does not have to be a traumatising or harrowing experience.

While each life coach’s methods will differ, I have found success using a unique combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, deep energy work, and ho’oponopono. Neuro-linguistic programming is essential for understanding how we respond to the inner communications between our subconscious and conscious mind. When you are made aware of how you are creating your own harmful mindsets, you can begin the process to correct this behaviour. Healers and teachers from Hawaii have been using ho’oponopono for centuries, a practice built on the principles of love, forgiveness, repentance, and gratitude. Energy work is a tool that I use to create a sense of harmony and balance in each clients’ energy; healing the mind and body often starts with the alignment of energy within the body.

Does intuitive life coaching require spiritual connections?

Emotional and spiritual healing is vital to the upward movement of any individual navigating their life journey. This is no different when embarking on a life coaching journey. Coaching can be done without spiritual connections, however, I believe that for fast and lasting results, the change must be from within. It is not necessary for a client to believe in every method that is used for healing, but they must be willing to open themselves to new experiences without judgment or cynicism.

Research shows that the emotions that are causing your feelings of self-doubt, emptiness, or anxiety are often rooted in harmful internalised beliefs. Ultimately, our behaviour is heavily dictated by these thoughts, even when we are not aware that we are being influenced. I frequently remind my clients that thoughts become things. The inner workings of our minds are responsible for both the successes and the failings that we experience. Many people operate their lives bound by these negative beliefs and behaviours, which are subconsciously tied to these internalised thoughts.

I use various types of therapy to aid in the healing of my clients, including past life regression therapy and inner child work therapy. Aspects of these therapy techniques may be useful during sessions to help unblock the areas of the mind that must be freed for clarity.

How can intuitive coaching aid in my personal transformation?

Those who come to me for coaching are generally suffering from the same types of emotions: mental exhaustion, anxiety, depression, unresolved anger, confusion, and depression. Many people are concerned about their lack of enthusiasm for life or are struggling with low energy and lack of motivation. These feelings can prevent you from taking positive risks in your career, love life, or personal advancement opportunities.

Using the previously mentioned techniques, I will guide you through exercises and practices that are intended to help you identify the source of these negative emotions. Once we have successfully found the root of these issues, we can work on releasing this harmful energy and replacing it with self-assurance, internal and external love, and healthy coping mechanisms. When the mind and soul undergo healing, the benefits are seen in every aspect of life.

Intuitive coaching can aid in:

  • The discovery of your soul purpose and life’s passion
  • Improving your social and communication skills
  • Increasing career confidence and the achievement of career-based goals
  • Strengthening relationships with partners, children, friends, and family
  • Improving your mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing
  • Achieving financial stability and growth

After over 15 years of intuitive life coaching and healing work, I have seen firsthand how these techniques can take someone from lost and unmotivated to happy, healthy, and flourishing.

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