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“I am in awe of Iona. The tools shared here will not just help you grow, but will crack you open, calling you forward to feel more, experience more – and BE more. Expect big breakthroughs. Expect to open up new territory in your life, your body, and your heart. Expect Elemental Abundance.”

NIYC PIDGEONAward-Winning Positive Psychologist, Best-Selling Author, and Certified Coach


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Elemental Abundance

Iona Russell

For decades there’s been an invisible divide between the worlds of spirituality and psychology, leaving those with open, curious hearts but feet planted in the practical world with a dilemma: nurture one side of themselves or the other? In this book, Iona provides you with the blueprint to build the bridge between your Soulful True Essence and the pragmatism you require to create a life you fully deserve.

With nature as your foundation, you’ll learn how the four elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire symbolically represent the four stages of your personal growth. From grounding, to releasing, to knowing, to doing; this is an empowering and practical process. For every nugget of knowledge there is action to take. For every personal story there’s an echo of ancient cultural wisdom. This book is your guide to an Elementally Abundant life, the one where you get to dance along to your own melodies and the beat of your true potential. It’s your guide to creating a life where you get to be your whole self: the only place from which true change can happen, and from where abundance and prosperity flow.

Making Waves

Iona Russell

Iona invites you to take the first step towards aligning your mind, body and spirit in her debut book. When the flow of energy in our being is blocked, this discomfort reveals itself as limiting and negative thoughts, emotions and behaviours. Self-sabotage, addictions and feelings of dissatisfaction and disconnection often disrupt our desire to live a fulfilled life. A silent scream inside is our clue that our dis-ease needs attention.

Making Waves takes you within to release and overcome the negative thinking, habits and limiting beliefs that keep you feeling “stuck”. These illusions are spellbinding, and this book of magical daily musings, inspiration and meditation will help release unwanted feelings of low self-esteem, lack and judgment, as well as outdated myths and fears. Learn to surf the rise and fall of life’s waves of adversity and triumph. Recognise your precious gifts, and move confidently toward your purpose, passion and joy.

Awaken the light within and live with ease, grace and authenticity.

A Woman's Voice is a Revolution

(All funds go to Bali Street Children)

A Woman’s Voice is a Revolution: Golden Wisdom: 50 Women Over 50 Unveiling Ageless Inspirational Stories of Triumph, Grace and Transformation for Personal Power, Peace and Harmony.

Open your heart to the transformative power of ‘A Woman’s Voice is a Revolution.’ This is one of the most inspirational books for women, an anthology of stories from 50 remarkable women over the age of 50, presenting an exploration into women’s wisdom books and narratives that traverse the deep waters of life experiences.

Praise for Making Waves

“Iona is such a wonderful person and has the most incredible energy of anyone I’ve ever met. I’ve been so excited for this since she told me she was writing it, I know it’s going to be amazing!”

“Iona what can I say, truly a guide book for the soul, I have now reached wave 3 and will continue on. A Peaceful Practice what a beautiful idea, thank you for this wonderful guide.”

“I loved how practical it is overall and how well-written. When you start reading it, it almost feels like the author is sitting next to you going through each exercise with you, reading every word to you. When you read it you start to feel like someone is taking you by your hand guiding you through whatever you may feel challenged with. Each exercise in the book seems quite simple and easy to establish in your life(…) like a breath of fresh air in the world of personal development/empowerment.

“That was so lovely. I read the whole book today on my first day of ‘vacation at home’. And now I have a huge smile on my face. I think I will use it as I do my inspirational cards. Each day I will pick it up and fan through the pages and stop and read…and that is what I need to focus on that day. I really loved it. So many good reminders. I think we all need to reread it every month. Love you! <3”

Goddess Powered Entrepreneur

Aligning Your Business with Your Soul

Within the pages of this book, you will learn and be inspired by 13 incredible soul-led female entrepreneurs who are tuning into their soul’s purpose and allowing their journey as an entrepreneur to be a one of flow, alignment, and heart connection.

I am passionate about the power of conscious entrepreneurship to change the world. When business is soul powered, guided by source and heart, magic is birthed and this world needs more magic. As individuals, being a sacred business owner offers the space and container for massive growth and the incredible opportunity to create our lives exactly as we desire them to be.

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Praise for Making Waves

“I started reading your book and am already hooked. Thanks again for the lovely note as well! <3″


“Your book is brilliant! I appreciate it’s for sad people, but even as a non-sad person it’s very inspirational.”

“Loving your book. It’s a little gem full of wisdom, comfort and loveliness.”

“I got your book and I cried when I started to read it, wow…did I need that! I want to find my Zen.”