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Choosing Excitement over Fear Or Train your Brain for Success – Part 2

You are going to be presenting a live masterclass… 

✔ Thump, thump, thump goes your heart

✔ Pupils dilate 

✔ Your Stomach tightens 


Think about those responses for a moment. Are you familiar with them?

What do you think someone might feel if they were doing a live presentation?

How would you feel? Well you might be nervous , even if the subject matter is something you know everything about. So fear kicks in and above responses usually follow

However and consider this before you read further…You might also be excited.

Think about that, really, think about it.

Yes, you could be excited about teaching or coaching live.

If you are more inclined to feel that over fear than this is because you realise that doing this masterclass offers you a chance to widen your reach and gain new clients. 

You see the opportunity! 

Regardless the above responses are still triggered.

Our mind doesn’t know the difference, it comes down to how you choose to respond. 

Basically you are a big bunch of feelings as are we all. 

Feel the Fear to Stay off the Menu 

Your fear is survival strategy 101 and stems from a dose of adrenaline with added helping of cortisol. 

It thinks it needs to keep us safe and it’s preparing your body to run. 

If you think about the first humans and how they lived,  then you will know that they had every reason to rely on this type of response.

Fear protected them from becoming a tasty snack as it does now when the mere thought of talking as an expert to strangers crops up.

Today, our lives are vastly different and while we no longer fear being eaten by a tiger our physical responses remain the same.

Choose Excitement 


Fear FEELs the same as excitement!!!

You can seize control here and make a choice. Before that masterclass, think into how you want to feel. 

Do you want to be afraid? What if I told you there was a choice in how you felt. 

Choose to be excited, think about the event with a new mindset. Could those stomach knots be nervous butterflies?  – Oh and BREATHE! Remember I shared last time that fear is excitement with your breath held. 

When you choose to see the opportunity not the obstacle you pick excitement over fear.

You get to decide how you feel. Here, now and tomorrow.

What do you choose? 

I’d really love to know what you choose and how you are choosing. What are you most excited about creating in the world right now? 2021 is fast approaching let’s make it magnificent! 

I’d love to hear from you, DM me on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/ionarussellcoach/


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