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The Best Way to Create a Vision for the Life You Want

What’s stopping you from achieving your most authentic life while creating incredible desires and outcomes?

Go on, seriously think this question over and write down all the reasons that you believe are stopping you creating the life you want.

What is your big dream, your big vision

Some of you may answer

I don’t have the money to invest right now.
There is too much going on in the world, so how can I focus on myself?
I am juggling too much already.

While some of these may hold true for you…I’m sorry to say that the actual culprit is indeed that face staring back at you from the mirror. Now stick with me here…

‘’But wait, Iona, I want to be my own boss in 2021, but have you seen how much a coach costs?’’

‘’Yes, I have and I agree, sometimes you can’t justify an investment, but that’s not what I’m getting at.’’

Your reasons are valid, but just because you cannot afford to invest in a coach doesn’t mean you should disregard your dreams. You owe yourself more than that, don’t you think?

Yes, the world is crazy right now, but wouldn’t it feel good to have something to aim for?

And yes, you have a family to think of, but really they will be the ones who ultimately benefit the most when you create a vision for the life you want.

This isn’t me telling you to do X, Y and Z.
This is me saying that anything is possible when you take charge of your life.

Tell me this. What would you do right now, if there was nothing standing in the way of the life you wanted?

Now, hold that vision – Begin here.
See where you want to be – this helps refocus your mindset and create the vision you want.

Have you ever created a life Vision-ing Board?

This is a super powerful way to release any blocks and align your heart and soul to your dreams, Yes, you can allow the magic of manifestation to work for you.

Less than 3 months left of 2020…Now is the time to get intentional about what you want to create for the rest of 2020 and into 2021.

Side note: I have made my own vision boards and manifested magnificent results.

This isn’t about cutting your ideal house out of that, Perfect Living magazine, and sticking it on your wall.

This is about getting
Getting clear.
Letting go of what’s in your way.
Taking small steps to create a bigger picture.

So you can connect with your dreams and finally create the life you want – a life that lights up your entire being.

What is your big Vision for 2021?

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