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I'm Iona

A Visionary Business Sage whose Soul mission is to fire up your Soul and anchor in your Elemental Success

I’m not your average Coach

I'm here to activate your Vision

Sure, I’m certified in Positive Psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy. But you’ll also hear me talking about Human Design, quantum healing, past life regression, inner child work, Akashic records and the likes. 

You see, I believe that the only way to know your true self and reach your full potential is to bridge the mind and soul. To heal, you must understand your thought processes and the science involved. But, equally as important, you must also be open to what the universe and your higher self are telling you. That’s the unique gasoline I throw on your inner power’s fire to spark it to life.

Trust me, doing this will make your unique gifts and passions burn brighter than they’ve ever burned before (in a good way, not a Carrie way!).

What does bridging the mind and soul

mean in Iona Land?

Well, I’m the type of person who’ll examine the evidence and statistics to propel clients’ results… but I will also smoke cleanse my home on a full moon and intuitively buy a house without seeing it first (spoiler: I still love it years later!). It’s all about the divine balance.

Yet, I wasn’t always as balanced as this…

Everyone has a dark night of the soul

They do. Even me. So don’t beat yourself up if you’ve lost your spark or your way in life

Years ago, I woke up one morning and thought, “I can’t do this anymore.” (“This” being a marriage that was toxic for us both). I had been doing the profound inner healing and spiritual work for years prior. Unfortunately, my relationship wasn’t completely in sync yet. 

I wasn’t living a life that lit me up inside. I was conforming to what society wanted me to be. Married and settled by my 40s. It didn’t bring me joy or make my soul sing. 

Lost and directionless, I finally listened to my gut. My husband and I gracefully split up. 

Then began the journey of opening up to everything I was capable of being and living my dream life. Because what’s the point in living any other way?

My powerful purpose

is to help you achieve your most daunting goals!

We all face challenges. It’s part of being human. Throughout my life, I’ve overcome huge hurdles:

But I did overcome them. Then went on to do things beyond my wildest dreams. I transformed from someone with low self-esteem to being a best-selling author, radio host and global motivational speaker. That’s the power of doing the inner work and opening up to who you are meant to be. The power was always within me.

And do you know what? Everything unfolded exactly as it should because it led me here to show you that you can banish your demons and blocks, too. How could I compassionately help you if I also hadn’t suffered and found a way out of it? 

Let me help you reinvent yourself from the inside out and live the life you’re aching to achieve.

How can I help you?

I've spent years immersing myself in spiritual practices and gaining clinical psychological qualifications.

From living in America and learning intensively from wise Hawaiian guides to working my ass off to become a certified hypnotherapist and Master Positive Psychology. 

Now I can catch others if they fall too deep into their shadows and forget how powerful their inner light is. Now I can catch you if you need it.

So that you know you’re in safe hands, I’m certified in:

But, enough of the serious stuff because…

You need to have fun to FUNction!

We’re here for a good time, not a long time!

While I may take you to your dark corridors and shadow self, I won’t leave you there. I’ll help you walk back out into the sunshine.

The majority of the work we do together will be uplifting and insightful. Not morose. I inject fun and vibrancy into all my teachings. What’s the point of living if we don’t get to feel tingly and joyful?

So let’s go deep, cry then shake it off better than a Taylor Swift fan at Coachella.

I’m spicy with a hint of sassy

I’m a straight shooter who calls things as I see them.

But NEVER in a way that will bring you down. 

You likely have plenty of people who tell you what you want to hear. Sometimes you need an objective voice who not only tells you what you want – they tell you what you need, too. 

I don’t shoot to maim. I shoot to attach you to a rocket, hand you some snazzy Elton John glasses, and propel you to the highest visions you hold for yourself.

Why work with me?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve helped hundreds of people identify what’s missing in their lives, get clear on their goals, embrace their gifts and have the confidence to leap towards their dreams.

I’d love for you to join them.

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