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The Journey of the Dreamer


Imagine yourself in a field of flowers. You wander aimlessly, in peaceful bliss. Take in the sights and sounds; the stunning colours, the chirping birds. Feel the warm breeze against your skin. The setting is beautiful. As you walk amongst the violets and clover, you near the edge of the field, where it meets a forest. Two paths lay before you. No matter where they lead, it will be into the unknown. You may have a plan or a map, but there is no telling what might happen once you begin your journey. The path you take could lead you into danger or it could lead you to triumph. It could be the path to success or simply a dead end. There could be bears, bandits, or banshees along the way. Think of all the things that could go awry!


Of course, you could remain in the field. The field is safe, familiar, comforting. When you know something so well, you become attached to the feeling of security it provides. You know your field, recognize the flowers. There is little chance of danger.


But there is also little chance for change. If you don’t take that step into the unknown, how will you move forward? You may be comfortable where you are now, but if you want more in life, it is imperative that you take risks and chase your soul-calling. After all, you aren’t looking to settle! You aren’t looking for second-best! You are a soul-aligned entrepreneur, actively designing your own future! You are a ready for that adventure! You are ready to choose.

Even The Wrong Path Could Be The Right Path


No matter which path you take, there is always the potential for something good around the corner. Each choice leads to infinite possibilities, and for each of those, infinite more! Every experience has the potential to provide you with something integral to your life’s journey; a lesson, a soulmate, an adventure. Even if something seems like a mistake in hindsight or you believe that should have made a different decision, the experience has value. When you find yourself regretting a choice, pause and ask yourself why. What was so wrong about it? Was it different than expected? Does it feel like you lost time on something unfruitful?


Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. Instead of focusing solely on the result of an action, it is important to reflect on your all aspects of your story and find the silver lining. Often, it will come in the form of experience and wisdom. What have you learned from tough times in the past? By seeking out the positives, you shift your mindset from one of lack to one of abundance!


An abundance mindset is freeing. It allows you to gain strength from your struggles, as you learn to appreciate the experience and lessons they provide. When you set an intention to focus on abundance, it creates a space in which to receive the hidden gifts of the universe. Your misstep may seem like a burden now, but if you look a little closer, you will find that the path you are on has just as many amazing opportunities to learn and grow!


Maybe the direction you choose to take your business won’t work out. But perhaps a stint at a lacklustre job will push you to follow an exciting, new pursuit! How will you know if you don’t try? The only way to discover what it is you really want in life is to step outside your comfort zone. It may not be easy at first, especially if you are used to avoiding risks for fear of making the wrong choice, but when you take that next step, you build confidence in yourself! That confidence is key.


Trusting yourself – your heart, your wisdom, your instinct – is absolutely integral to personal growth and the success of your business endeavours. It’s important that you have faith in your ability to overcome adversity, as it allows you to plan and problem-solve with confidence. If something goes awry, you know you will be able find a solution! That, in itself, is priceless.


With each mistake comes a lesson. With each lesson, an opportunity to grow. Having a solid plan for your future is important, yes, but being adaptable is just as valuable. Each time you find yourself faced with a challenge and even try to overcome it, you are saying yes to the chance to learn! Take that opportunity! The experience brings you strength and allows you to move forward, self-assured and striving for more.


Dream Big


Why is it so important to dream big, take risks, and step outside your comfort zone? So you can evolve, both as a person and as a business owner. If you continue to do the same thing over and over again, life can get pretty monotonous. Remember that field? Comfortable, yes, but is it exciting? Is it fulfilling? The monotony can leave you feeling stuck; like no matter how hard you work, you just can’t seem to move forward. You’re putting in the hours and producing results, but for some reason you don’t feeling like you’re growing. Essentially, you’re in a stasis.


Why? Because you’re uninspired! Because you aren’t living your passion! Because that great truth inside of you hasn’t yet had its chance to shine! When you choose to stay comfortable instead of chasing your dreams, you do yourself a disservice. Of course it is difficult to find motivation when you are working towards something that doesn’t make your heart sing! That is why you need to chase the calling of your soul!


Think back to when you first considered making a change. Was it scary or exciting? Did you feel worried by the prospect of all that could go wrong, or were you elated at finding something so true to you? That feeling of excitement is the thing that sets your heart and soul on fire!


Initially, it is a spark, an idea in the back of your mind. As the idea grows, the spark becomes a fire, a small flicker of light inside of you that speaks to your soul. As you begin to plan, save, and work for your dream business, that fire grows. And eventually? Success! Your dreams are no longer just fantasies, but full-fledged realities!


That is vital information for your heart and soul; to know that success starts as a dream. To know that you have the power to make anything you dream a reality. Once you realise and embody that soul-centred mindset, the prospect of dreaming becomes more than just your imagination running wild. It becomes a tool, a key to achieving your entrepreneurial goals.


What’s more? Dreams are fundamental! I’m talking about the wishing! The hoping! The fantasies and daydreams of the ideal future! Every time you play out an imagined session with your future clients or picture yourself looking out over your empire (even if it’s just an empire of houseplants in your home office…), you put those thoughts and that powerful energy out into the universe. That energy is the very same fire that stokes your soul. That is what spurs you to follow to call of your heart.


When you stop dreaming, however, that energy shifts as well. Your focus moves from joy – the elation that comes with taking control of your own destiny – to an anxious drive, as you strive to stay relevant, keep up with competitors, and increase your bottom line. Perhaps you have been taught that you have to hustle to succeed, that no matter what you’re doing, all it takes is grit.


Or maybe you are comparing yourself to a fellow Soulpreneur or business owner. You seek to attain their success, so you alter your messaging to be more in line with their brand. You look to trends and do what is popular. And why not? It seems to work for others!


But is that the real you? I don’t think so!


You’re seeking so much more! You want to work from the heart. You want your intentions and values to shine through in everything you do. When you choose to focus solely on profit or the popularity and image of you business, you miss an amazing opportunity to speak your truth. Authenticity is so intrinsic to the essence of a soul-aligned entrepreneur. Why would you dull your light?!


When you choose, instead, to focus on your dreams, that energy becomes your norm. It  influences your daily routine, weaves it’s way into your rituals, and shines through in all you do. And the more you integrate the practice of attracting your dreams into your life, the more powerful that energy becomes. Working towards the things your heart wants is fulfilling all on its own, but actually reaching those goals feels amazing! Taking inspired action to make your dreams a reality is the key to achieving those goals.


Putting the Law of Attraction Into Action


Whether you’re already an entrepreneur or you haven’t yet taken that big step towards launching your business, there are so many things you can do to make your dreams a reality. Reminding yourself everyday of your goals, and more importantly, the intentions behind them is integral to the process. What is it you want? Why do you want it? You must truly understand what it is that your soul desires before you can start working towards your dreams.


Visualise living your best life as an entrepreneur. You can even make this a daily ritual. Essentially, it’s daydreaming, but taken to the next level. Don’t just picture yourself in an office; actually experience it! How do you feel when you interact with clients? What emotions are connected to the completion of a successful project? How have your services helped improve the world? Be mindful of the thoughts, feelings, and senses that you experience.


Take that dream and the energy that surrounds it and make your visualisation tangible with a vision board. This allows you to really consider your goals and intentions, and understand what you want, what you need to do to get it, and who you need to be to design your dream business. By putting your hopes and dreams into a visual representation, you implement the Law of Attraction. Not only do you put that energy out into the universe, but you provide yourself with a tangible reminder of what you are working towards. Every time you look at it, it will remind you of the success you can achieve when you follow your dreams.


Remember: the Law of Attraction is about more than just thinking positive thoughts. You have to take inspired action in order to get what you want. Visualisation and vision boarding are powerful tools, but you also have to put in the work to set up systems, routines, and rituals that allow you to be the kind of person you need to be to find enlightened success!


Owning Your Fear


What are you afraid of? I’m not talking about spiders, clowns, ghosts, and ghouls. I’m talking about the anxieties that you hold deep inside. These worries are heavy; the fear of failure, doubts about the value of our business. But this fear has a weakness! The great super power that can take it down? Your light! The part of you that is passionate, dedicated, curious, and hopeful. This light will guide you while you travel along life’s path, but equally so will it benefit your entrepreneurial journey.


When it comes to taking risks and stepping outside of our comfort-zone, many of us will avoid it altogether. The potential for failure or fear of regret causes us to instead seek out the familiar and the comfortable. We choose to stay in the field and avoid stepping foot into the unknown. We like what we know, because it lets us believe we can predict the future. If we aren’t taking risks, we aren’t chancing a mistake. Sure, nothing new will ever happen, but at least life is predictable, right?


What a ridiculous notion! Why, as someone so in tune with your heart, would you ever want to settle for comfortable? You have the capacity to do great things, but in order to do so, you have to face your fears and take that step outside your comfort zone. This doesn’t mean you should walk into it blind. A big part of taking risks is ensuring you understand the process, intention, potential consequences, and possible outcomes. Research and planning are imperative!


Through taking the inspired action to learn and truly understand the ins and outs of a new endeavour, you can better assess whether it is in line with your values and intentions, and calculate the risk-benefit. This gives you the power to dictate your own destiny, as you can see potential outcomes, plan accordingly, and realign your trajectory, as necessary. Think of it like studying a map. You may not know what mysteries lie along each path, but you can plan for known roadblocks, narrow passes, and high-risk areas. No, you still can’t predict what will happen exactly, but when you are in control, you get to choose which road you take. You are the one designing the journey that will lead you to the future you were destined for!


The Courage to Write Your Own Destiny


This is your chance to take control of your future and the future of your business. Maybe it sounds like a big step, but guess what?


You can do it.

I know you can do it!


I know because you’re here, reading this. It doesn’t matter if you are one day, one year, or one millennia (if past lives have anything to say about it!) into your journey. You made a choice to look within yourself and seek the truth in your heart. You have already taken that first step.


Whether you finally quit a menial job that left you uninspired or have decided to take your already-established business in a more soul-centred direction, you have taken that leap of faith. The field is behind you, whether you have long walked away or are just taking that first step. Use that momentum. Now is the time to push forward, seek new avenues in which to grow, reaffirm your goals, and reassess your approach to pursuing your dreams.


Remember: you are brave! You have so much courage inside you.


If you weren’t brave, you wouldn’t be willing to do the work. So many people are unwilling or unable to be vulnerable. They fear change, they fear risk, they fear facing their own faults. But the soul-aligned individual yearns to grow! They lean into the unknown and instead of fear, they find excitement.


I’m not saying your risks have to be astronomically wild. A calculated risk could be investing in an amazing PR partner to give your business an extra boost, or signing up for that amazing, inspiring course to take your company to the next level.


Choose a path and take it. Even if you have to realign your route again and again, each time you trust yourself and follow your heart, you and your business grow stronger. Embrace the journey and take that next step!


* *

Whether you are just getting ready to leave the field or well on your way but in need of some inspired guidance, let me show you how to dismantle your fears and shine your light!

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