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Living My Purpose…Finally


Who DO You Be? 

I asked my Shine On listeners this last week, partly because I was curious to see who really was living a life on their own terms and partly because I had turned 50. Oh, no this wasn’t out of birthday angst, far from it. I was then and continue to celebrate the life I live now.

For me, this question simply served to remind me of who I once was. You know they say to understand where you are going, you need to know where you have been.

Well, I took the long way round and it took a lot of trial and error for me to find myself again, in fact, it took from age 14 to 42, but hey I’m not judging me, and a return to meditation was the start of my return home to myself. 

Picture this, I was living the dream in America…Yes, the American dream, the exact one they sell to you, travelling here and everywhere, always, searching for answers and seeking validation outside of myself. 

Turns out everything I was looking for was right there inside of me all along. They say the universe has your back, well the universe was telling me to open my fucking eyes, in the nicest way of course.

Yes, because underneath the shiny surface, I was battling clinical depression, feeling not enough, and not feeling like I fit it.  I had been  living the life of what I thought I should have, and I had it all.

Something shifted…Although you can probably guess that already. We entrepreneurs all love our BIG, AHA moments, right?

For me, it was a return to spirituality and meeting like-minded people who inspired me. You see I also had an interest in spirituality, but somewhere along my journey, I kinda forgot. Oh and speaking of forgetting, I wanted to write a book, but I had forgotten this too.

Returning to my Roots

I was raised by Buddhist parents, who were very outside the box thinkers and because of this, I felt I was actually to my spirituality rather than some Great Awakening. 

I  am a badass genius at reinventing myself.  Exhibit A, being my life, as proof. 

Yup, I gave up a fantastic job as an executive of a charitable trust when I got married and moved to Texas in 2010. 

There I retrained and worked as a child advocate in the court systems, but I found I couldn’t change the system from within, but that I could have an impact helping others change their lives, with outside the box thinking. 

When I moved back to Scotland after I got divorced and had found myself, this is when I decided that I had to become my business so that I didn’t have to reinvent myself again every time I moved.

Now, I am living my purpose, helping others to do the same. 

Who DO You Be? 

I am blessed to answer this question with such certainty now, I live my life on my terms. I turned 50 this year and I will never forget my dreams again.

Oh and  I wrote that book by the way. The Universe had my back after all. 

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