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Living Life Goddess Powered

Living Life Goddess Powered

Are you sick of your story holding you back? Do you have dreams of living a confident, empowered and Divine life but you hear –

I am not good enough.
I am not worthy.
I don’t have the confidence.
People will judge me.

What about my past, I will never be able to move on.
I am not lovable.

Living Life Goddess Powered is a for all women who are ready to awaken their confidence, worth, and truth.

For women who are ready to reclaim their inner Goddess and rise.

For women who are ready to feel good about themselves again and allow that magic to flow through them out into the world.

The book is a collection of wisdom infused stories from spiritual leaders from around the world.

The stories are inspirational and come with practical guidance of how you can begin to take the steps to live life feeling confident, balanced, and connected.

Begin your journey today towards living your life Goddess powered!

This is a collaboration project.

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Making Waves: Musings, Reflections & Inspiration

Iona’s debut book, Making Waves: Awaken the Light Within, out NOW. Within the pages I invite you to take the first step towards aligning your mind, body, and spirit.

When the flow of energy in our being is blocked, this discomfort reveals itself as limiting and negative thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. Self-sabotage, addictions, and feelings of dissatisfaction and disconnection often disrupt our desire to live a fulfilled life. A silent scream inside is our clue that our dis-ease needs attention.

Making Waves takes you within to release and overcome the negative thinking, habits and limiting beliefs that keep you feeling “stuck”. These illusions are spellbinding, and this book of magical daily musings, inspiration, and meditation will help release unwanted feelings of low self-esteem, lack, and judgment, as well as outdated myths and fears. Learn to surf the rise and fall of life’s waves of adversity and triumph. Recognize your precious gifts, and move confidently toward your purpose, passion, and joy.

Awaken the light within and live with ease, grace, and authenticity.

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