Inner Circle Coven Collective

"Inner-Circle Coven Collective" is open for 2024. Limited seats around the Fire. Apply NOW!

Create the impossible & anchor in your Soul Vision, Now!

The Inner Circle: A Sanctuary for Witchy Women in Life and Biz

Join Me, and A Small Select Group of Magical Manifestors, Wild Women and Cosmic Witches, in a 4 month Cycle of Sisterhood, Vision Creation and Soul Evolution…

A coven of like-minded sisters who are ready to transform the entrepreneurial landscape. If you’ve been searching for a tribe that understands the pulse of your spirit, the quirkiness of life and the ambition of your heart led business, look no further.…

To make sure it would be a good fit for us all, let’s chat.

Dear Wild Woman...

Are you ready to activate the extraordinary life that's calling you?

If you feel a deep, soulful pull towards making your once deemed impossible dreams a tangible reality, this is your moment.

This is about bridging the gap from where you stand now to the heights you’ve only dared to dream of. It’s more than business; it’s a soul mission. Embrace this journey as you unfold and manifest the profound destiny you are meant to create.

Here’s your invitation to a transformation that aligns with your deepest soul mission. Step into the life you are destined to live with love and support in sisterhood. 

Now is your time to Rise!

And Boldly step into your power, REleasing Your Inner Magic to create the impossible

You see, as the wonderful Marianne Williamson tells us, 

…it’s not our inadequacies that hold us back, but fear that we are powerful beyond belief…

This power comes with a sacred responsibility – to ourselves and the wondrous dreams we can bring to life.

Now is the moment to seize the helm, to craft those visions and soulful goals. If not you, who else will dare to dream so feckin’ boldly?

Within you lies the strength, the spell, to turn the grandest of dreams into reality. Together, let’s activate your magic and Rise.

Here’s how and why I can make you the promise: That YOU already have the secret spell, to do what it takes!


my name is Iona Russell,

and I empower big vision creatives, spiritual entrepreneurs, and biz owners like YOU, to become the passionate abundant success you are meant to be, and live the life, you were born to live!

Over the last 20 years, I’ve transformed my own life from a struggling single parent in Scotland to being an international coach, multi-best-selling author, and very funny (even if I do say so myself lol) public speaker, working with some of the top names in their field.

In recent years, I have been focussing my gifts and skills on helping hundreds of witchy women, claim their magic, and begin living their most abundant lives, by applying my intuitive magic as a visionary and  master positive psychology coach. 

Let’s make your vision a reality, together.

The "Inner Circle Coven Collective"

is the culmination of years of development, from investing in myself with top teachers, with a few trials and tears. Providing YOU with the clarity, strategy, energy and support you need to Create 'The impossible', and make a real difference in your life and the lives of those you love.

I’ve been blessed to have been part of so many lovely people’s break-throughs! From a local wedding photographer who launched their first gallery show and was featured in a national newspaper. The business owner whose traumatic past was blocking their love-filled future. And the legal professional who went on to create an exciting coaching business that changes lives.

You see, the magic was always in them, just as it is in You! It just needed “activitating” to manifest their soul vision into a reality, through infused energy and inspired action. Being THAT catalyst is MY Life Purpose! Along with creating a nurturing safe space to DREAM! 

"The Coven is like an incubator for your best most authentic self. I am finally ME for the first time in my life and I am creating a business that excites me. And my confidence has sky rocketed. This is the most magical group of amazing women and I am signing up for the next round!”
North Yorkshire, UK
"I just feel like I am growing in confidence as the REAL ME, no longer hiding behind professional rules. I am becoming ME. Thank you Iona and The Coven”
North England
"The Coven supports you not just in your personal life and business, but in your Soul Growth too. Iona is the good witch of wealth and your business fairy godmother all rolled into one.
"I used to think I was a chronic procrastinator, but Iona's approach to creation, and her intuitive guidance, not only taught me a new way of getting my sh@t done, but made me realise I was just playing too small to be inspired enough to put the effort in!”
Dianne C

And this is what "they" have to say about manifesting Dreams...

The truth is, success isn’t so much about what the goal is, but the HOW and the WHO involved, weaving the spells of success! 

Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who is in your circle?

Are you ready to come join me in making magic happen in this round of “Inner Circle Coven Collective’?

What happens inside the coven

Join the inner circle Where Your Dreams and Magical Desires Converge into the creating the impossible

You won’t need a broomstick to get there either, just a decent internet connection. What we WILL be conjuring up is…

To make sure it would be a good fit for us all, let’s chat.

Ask to join us in the next cycle of 'The Inner Circle' today..

Ahhh, Step into a realm where every conection and creation is a testament to your magic:
" All the women in The Coven are amazing, supportive, compassionate and meet you where you're at. They just get you. Iona calls in the most amazing women.”
London, UK
" This is the first time I felt free to create the business I wanted. I've invested over 30k in mainstream guru's programs in the last 2 years. I got more clarity 2 weeks of the Coven than in the past 2 years. I finally figured out how I wanted to do business and life. Iona listens to your soul goals and activates your vision. ”
New York, USA
" I would always start strong with an idea, but quite quickly lose faith in myself. Having Iona on my side, kept me going forward and her coaching me through any blocks accelerated my progress even more”
Helen T
Bootl, Uk
" THIS is what everybody needs! Everyone needs this sacred space and to be in circle with these special women. My life is forever changed”
Lisa. P
Dallas TX

Here's what's included...

But there's even more...

Total FREE Bonus Value: £4,729

These are just some of the lovelies I worked with, and what they have to say...

Ahh Clare, such lovely words...
Rachel inspired me, as much as she said I did her...
Check out this luscious montage of loveliness...

Don't Let Another Season Pass You By...

Apply Today And Get Started On Your Cosmic
Magical Journey To Success!

As places are limited to ensure I can give you my best attention, the selection is based on space available and group dynamics. If you don’t make this one, then you can reserve a place on the next.

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Oooo... the investment bit!

If this is the part where you feel nervous, then there's something to work on right there.

Investment, price, cost, whatever you call it, and your relationships with money are one of the most common blocks to success. So, let’s take a positive step right now and remember, MONEY is not evil, it’s just a currency of energetic flow, and this is what we’ll be exchanging with each other… 

You Also Receive over £4,700 of FREE Bonuses, including: 

Full Coven Price: £4,444
Bonuses Price: £4,729
Total Full Investment: £9,173

But, Not Today My Lovelies...

As 2023 was a challenging year and we all need support, And I want 2024 to be your very best year..

and I’m going to make this a Heck Yes investment because I want to see you soar in 2024. I’m running this 100% remotely (online), and you will be in a very special ‘Inner Circle’ of seasoned Covenisters! (60% of them have been there from the beginning)

 So for this new cycle, I want to recognise and reward you for saying YES to your Success in 2024 and honour your desire for growth… by inviting you to join me and The Inner Circle Coven Collective…

Today Just:£1,222 early bird

Next cycle will be: £2,222 

I am confident, along with my fellow witchy coven-isters that the community and content here are mind-expanding, heart-opening and soul-nourishing, so much so, that you really, truly won’t want to leave!

We look forward to having you join us.

So, What Are You Still Waiting For...

Apply Today And Begin The Journey!

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