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Illuminate Your Light

3 month program for Spiritual Entrepreneurs, Healers and Leaders to Embody your Light and Live your Truth.
The world needs you, your message and your gifts.

Are you ready to release the thoughts and fears that are keeping you stuck and hidden? Do you want abundance and alignment in your business? 

Are you a wild hearted entrepreneur, leader, coach, healer or change maker who is struggling with growing your business because you are…

  • Afraid of being judged
  • Worried about how to stand out on social media
  • Scared to speak your truth
  • Doubting and comparing yourself
  • Lacking confidence
  • Discounting yourself
  • Lacking worthiness
  • Hiding out and playing small
  • Trying everything but nothing works
  • Feeling stressed, frazzled or overwhelmed
  • Under-charging for your services
  • Having trouble promoting and selling your services
  • Frustrated because you want to be helping more people, but you don’t want to have to chase after clients
  • Doing your work on the side because you’re afraid to face criticism.
  • Hiding behind the mask of who you think you should be
  • Supporting others without getting support for yourself
  • Uncomfortable talking about your gifts and modality so those who might be a good fit for your work have no idea what you do.
  • Putting out a watered-down version of your work and wondering why people aren’t showing up.

...Enough is enough!



Trust me, I know first-hand because I did.

Hi, I’m Iona.

Your Intuitive Mindset and Conscious Biz Coach Consultant

I went from hiding out, being someone I thought I should be, not speaking my truth, undercharging for my gifts, being overwhelmed and craving to make a true difference in the world…

To now shining my light and making a generous living for using my gifts to impact the world. Sometimes it is still surreal that I am living this life that is beyond my wildest dreams.

  • I get invited to speak on stages around the world.
  • I receive amazing opportunities to rub shoulders and collaborate with leaders and highly influential, successful soulpreneurs because I am now embracing my gifts and sharing my medicine.
  • I’ve written and published a best-selling book, and collaborated on 3 others.
  • I’ve led and coached hundreds of souls to activate freedom from within their soul so they can embody their purpose.
  • I now live my dream life where I get to travel the world and experience true freedom and abundance on a deep soul level.
  • I feel 100% cosmically aligned, mind body and soul. I am more empowered, passionate, happy, confident, peaceful and fulfilled than I’ve ever been! And every day just keeps getting better.

I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without the support and training I received along the way…And now I want to pass it along to YOU.

Free yourself from fear, self-sabotage, and the energetic blocks that are
holding you back in your business.

Dismantle the mask of who you think you should be in your business so that
you can be who you truly are.

Illuminate: Embody Your Light and Live Your Truth Program

This is your tribe of people who, just like you, want to shine their light and elevate their business to live in ultimate alignment with their soul purpose.
This course is only for individuals who
  • Are here to make a difference and know they are meant for so much.
  • Are ready to receive powerful, direct guidance from me, Iona Russell, so that they can reach their goals and ultimately create the impact they want to see in the world with their gifts and feel like the best version of themselves.
  • Want to live in Alignment; heart, body and soul.

The “Illuminate Program” is a 3 month journey to you becoming the most confident, powerful, happy and FREE you can be so that you can truly step into and embody your Light powerfully, make a massive difference and live your Truth, Living your Soul Purpose.

I can guarantee you right now: There is NO other online coaching experience like this. And I’m keeping this as intimate as possible so there are very, very limited spots available. I will be reviewing applications first-come-first-serve so click the Apply button below to get started.

*Please note, I will be assessing each application and selecting the applicants that I feel are the best fit for the “Illuminate Program”. You will be my main focus in this program so I only want people who are ready to take their want to wake up to their heart centred business to a whole new level!

Do not miss out on this amazing opportunity
to invest in yourself and your LIFE.

Believe me, you are SO worth it!

And I believe in you 100%.

It’s time for you to believe in you and awaken to your gifts.

And it starts with you clicking this button.

  • Break FREE from fear and be unapologetically you
  • Remove the blocks holding you back so you can feel limitless and FREE
  • Finally achieve the results you’ve been waiting for
  • Speak up and powerfully own your voice
  • Own your power and take aligned action toward your goals
  • Cultivate the confidence and courage to show up and be seen
  • Become part of a community of like-minded souls who truly see, support + celebrate you
  • Be held accountable to your greatness.
  • Identify and release money blocks that are keeping you from abundance
  • Create new, powerful patterns and habits
  • Quantum leap into your soul purpose and have FUN doing it!

It all starts with you.

This immersion is an investment in you. An investment in you to step into your soul calling and powerfully stand in your purpose, it is an investment in your life and the lives all those beautiful souls you are here to empower.

Can you imagine where your life would be if you were more POWERFUL on PURPOSE? …..You could be one introduction away from an incredible collaboration. One deal away from hitting your income goal, meeting a next level business partner, a life-long friend or even discovering an opportunity that could transform the trajectory of your life forever.

Imagine where your life would be if you were able to clear your limitations and tap into the infinite well of power that you have been blessed with but rarely use.

Now it’s time for YOU to be courageous and fully own your gifts to you can get paid your true worth! Can you see yourself destroying the illusion of fear and being the most radiant lit up leader, living your soul purpose and getting paid generously for it?

If this resonates with you and you are ready to align with me, then we are about to embark on a powerful journey together of unlocking the beautiful, unique and profound parts of yourself that have been waiting for you for so long!

The person you are going to be in 3 months will be unrecognisable! You’re going to step into your greatness, get paid your true worth and shine your light brighter than you ever knew possible.

I’m excited for you!

Here’s what is included

Hybrid group coaching including monthly 1-on-1

You will be part of a very intimate group coaching program, between you, your tribe and me, Iona Russell. Included is monthly retreat days, monthly VIP one on one sessions, and weekly support calls.  Where I will be teaching, guiding and coaching you through various topics. Her to support you in what you are coming up against and getting to where you want to go.

Direct access to me via email and chat

As part of this group, you will have unlimited access to me via a private communication platform where you will receive unlimited direct support.

Private FB Group Access

Where you can share and receive unlimited support from the tribe and myself. I will do FB lives in the group on a regular basis teaching and answering questions.

3 x Guest Experts

I will be bringing in at least one special expert guest each month to support you along your journey to fully shining your light. At the end of each session, you will have the opportunity for live Q&A with the expert. (expect extra)

Accountability Partnership

You will be assigned a partner that is hand selected by me and is an energetic match to what you need.

Recommended Reading

I will be recommending readings that will greatly support you in your journey. We will also be sharing ideas on personal life, business applications and spiritual growth, on the topics covered.

Alignment Practices

I will be providing you with my specialized alignment practises for you to implement in your personal and professional growth.

Bonus Gift #1

You will receive your own signed copy of my book, Making Waves.

Bonus Gift #2

Sign up before Feb 22nd 2021 to secure your spot and receive exclusive access to live BONUS workshop on your Life Visioning for 2021.


Option to add on extra 1 to 1 sessions for duration of the program to be discussed prior to program starting.

  • Days
  • Hours
  • Mins
  • Secs
  • Here’s the NEXT STEP:

    **REMEMBER: I am keeping this group super intimate so there are very few spots available. I will be personally selecting the top applicants who I feel are the best fit for this program. If you are not accepted into this group, you will have the opportunity to apply again in a future group.

    YOU will be my main focus for 3 months straight so I only want those who are serious, committed and ready to step into their power with their lives and business, be the change-makers that they were born to be and share their gifts so they can contribute to making the world a better place and feel amazing doing it!

    Testimonials & Success Stories

    I included her in Chapter 10 of my first book because I was so inspired by the work that she does.”

    - Jojo Fraser,
    Author of "Mummy JoJo UNCUT: Time for a Mojo Injection"

    “I could come out, out of hiding and I can stand tall and proud now being me.”

    - Caroline Palmy,
    Teacher of Hearts, Author, Speaker and Healer

    “She’s ready to take you for who you are at face value, listen, have no judgement, and very, very constructive in her advice to you.”

    - John Carstairs,
    CEO of Midibreath

    “She’s just a genuine person. There’s no show, there’s no ego, there’s no agenda.”

    -Tara Inchbald (VIP Client),
    Entrepreneur and Health & Wellness Keynote speaker

    “What Iona did was take me out of my head and out of my analytical self. I was able to see myself from a completely different perspective.”

    -Johdi Woodford,
    Movement Therapist and Business Owner

    “Iona really got me to step past that fear, really got me to take me that first step in facing what was holding me back.”

    -Emma Dredge,
    CEO of Project Awesome Life

    “Just AMAZING how much my life has transformed. More abundance is showing up and a new job offer just came my way too. Thank you so much! I have really enjoyed this.“

    -Victoria C.

    “Thank you, Iona. You are amazing and have changed my life for the better. It’s also a wonderful bonus how one path leads to another and before you know it, your entire life is changed. Thank you from my whole heart.”

    -Kristi Gryar-Wallington

    “I loved my sessions with Iona. A little apprehensive at first as this was a completely new experience for me. She made me feel welcomed, relaxed, and completely at ease. I found out some things about myself and have ended up feeling more accepting and aware. Thank you.”

    -Emma O’Connor

    “Working with Iona was both a powerful and motivating experience. Iona lays out a framework, encourages personal development, and achievements. Truly enlightening!! I recommend contacting her to help you move towards your goals.”

    -Cheryl Ann Delaney Weeks

    “I had the most amazing hypnotherapy with Iona today. As a therapist myself, it’s hard to find somebody who is good enough to get results with me. Iona is fantastic! I will go again for sure.”

    -Tara Inchbald (VIP Client)
    Entrepreneur, Health and Wellness Keynote Speaker

    “Iona, I’m amazed so far. I deserve all good things!”

    -Lindsay Kane
    Life and Mindset Coach

    Do YOU want to become the next success story?

    I believe you can be and here’s why…
    • You will be learning firsthand from someone who is a conscious transformational leader, has created the results for herself and hundreds of her clients and is making an abundance of money and impact through her soul purpose.
    • You will be receiving coaching and guidance from well-known, powerful experts in my network in the LIVE group sessions each month so you can learn the techniques, tools and strategies they live by to achieve massive amounts of success in alignment with their mind, body and soul connection. Their coaching rates combined far exceed the cost of this course, so you will be scoring massive value at a price you would not be able to get on your own.
    • You will be connecting with an exclusive group of carefully selected individuals who are ready to support and expand with you so you can reach an all-new heightened level of visibility and success you have never experienced before, together.
    • You will have direct access to me via email and chat.
    • You will increase your confidence, visibility and self worth using actionable and PROVEN techniques that I will teach you. You’re not just walking away with stuff in your head, you will have embedded a new framework in your mind, body and soul so you can create sustainable results in you, your life and your results.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Hit the lit’ button below that’s just waiting for you to Illuminate and shine your light!

    *Please note, I will be assessing each application and selecting the applicants that I feel are the best fit for the “Illuminate Program”. You will be my main focus in this program so I only want people who are ready to take their want to wake up to their heart centred business to a whole new level!