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Finding Freedom
  • Iona Russell
  • March/12/2020

Find Your Freedom, Find Your Light

Quick! What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word freedom? Is it a world without shackles? Financial stability and a flexible schedule? Mel Gibson in a kilt and historically inaccurate war paint?

With the potential for so many distinct definitions, it’s evident that freedom means something different for every person. And while physical freedom –  that is, a life free from captivity – is often the first form of liberty that comes to mind, there is something to be said about freedom of the mind!

Your Wildest Dreams

The mind is powerful! It has the ability to manifest our dreams and make them a reality. On the other hand, our own thoughts and beliefs can bring us down or keep us stuck, instead of pushing us towards our greatest potential.

Have you ever had that dream where you are trying to run, but you’re moving in slow motion? It feels like you’re trying swim through jello. A friend once described it as fighting through peanut butter. Gross! Still, whatever gooey substance your dream-self might be treading, that stuck-in-the-muck feeling it isn’t much fun!

The same can be said when we feel stuck in life. Stuck in a job, a relationship, a mindset, stuck in a depression, or just stuck in a way we simply can’t pinpoint, that static feeling can be unnerving. More than that? It can dim the light of the soul.

Now, that might sound serious, and to a degree, it is, only because it is so important to let your light shine! Thankfully, there are ways to hone in on that light and find your soul’s path, and I cant wait to share them with you! But first, it is important to understand what forces might try to shape your journey.

Don’t Bring Me Down

Our thoughts and beliefs, both conscious and subconscious, affect how we perceive and interact with the world. They are influenced by internal and external factors, both positive and negative.

Externally, these factors might include media, or society, or friends and family. While the latter are often positive, sometimes familial expectations can cause us stress or push us towards a path that doesn’t speak to our soul’s purpose. And it’s safe to say that a lot of societal demands and media influence are positively negative! They often push consumerist ideals that lead us to covet a “dream life” that isn’t really our dream. Rather, it is a cookie-cutter construct that we have come to think we desire.

It isn’t our truth.

On top of the external forces, our own inner-voice can be a harsh critic. And while the voice may be influenced by outside factors, the only way to fight it is to actively change the way we speak to ourselves. We want that inner-voice to nurture and support us, not censor us. So many other entities will try to censor us during our time on earth. Why would we want to add to that? Instead, we need to be gentle with ourselves. Treat ourselves as we would treat others.

Think of someone close to you. It can be family member, your favourite coworker, a friend. Now, imagine that they have someone who follows them constantly. They are with them, day in, day out, always present and ready to crticise. Any time your loved one makes a mistake, this person lets them know. They tell them that they are a screw up, that they are stupid, or ugly, or annoying, and just can’t do anything right! Would you let that slide? I don’t think so! You would stand up for your friend and tell that person to, very politely, piss off!

So why is it any different when we crticise ourselves? We are so willing to protect those we love, but then let our own voice tell us we aren’t worthy. The need for self-compassion is indisputable. And the ability to redirect that inner voice and transform its words from belittling to compassionate is invaluable!

I’ve Got The Power

It’s tough to fight against something so abstract and engrained. The desire to fit in, the struggle to meet expectations; it real does drive a lot of society. But we don’t have to follow the crowd!

It starts with inner change. Do you know yourself? Do you accept yourself? Self-love and self-acceptance are key in changing the way we speak to ourselves and shape our inner world! If we don’t know ourselves, how can we trust our own kind words? If we don’t accept ourselves, how can we love ourselves? Showing ourselves the same compassion we would show another is integral. What’s more? It’s the best shield against external negativity!

Being at peace in our own mind is the ultimate freedom. No matter where we are – in life, on a map, in time or space – the contentment and sense of relief that come with a peaceful mind are unparalleled. It takes work to get there, but isn’t that true of all good things?

Light The Fire

Awareness is key in learning to release the ties that bind us. Ive fallen prey to these perceived “shackles” myself, but with a lot of support, hard work, and self-love, I can say the light of my soul is shining bright! And I want to share that light with you! Check out my book Making Waves to find tools and techniques, meditations and mantras, and playful and creative ways to awaken your soul!




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