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Eager to leap into the life your true self wants to live?

My personal coaching programme

Elemental: Own Your Natural Power.

will lead you to starry new levels of success.

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Come join me.

Ready to set off on a journey of self-exploration?

Where the final destination allows you to stand in your power and live your dream life? Fanbloomingtastic! My 1-2-1  and group personal coaching programmes are for you…

If only it was as easy as hitting a button to find the route to our inner confidence and dream life, eh?

But, you know, it’s not actually as hard as you think.

Deep inside of you,

you know where you want to be.

What you need to do. What you like and don’t like. The wounds you need to tend. And what you need to walk away from. You just need to uncover it and believe in yourself. Embrace your gifts and power. Run towards your dream life.

You have been on this planet before. Many times. The universe and your higher self left clues to guide you back to your truest self, should you ever go off-course (they’re always giving you signs). By following your intuition’s crumb trail and rewiring your unconscious thought patterns you can find the way to who you’re meant to be. Then go on to be the highest flying version of yourself.

Not sure how? Let me help you. Join my personal coaching programme Elemental: Own Your Natural Power.

What is
Elemental: Own Your Natural Power?

It’s my personal coaching programme

that uses the four elements as catalysts to break free from your past, ground in the present and connect with the biggest vision you have for yourself.

So you can start being the amazing cosmic human that you are. You are worthy of success, prosperity and happiness. Let me help you believe it.

It’s not all woo woo and witching though – don’t worry. I’m a realist, too. My philosophy merges evidence-based psychological techniques with spiritual practices. I like to call it “bridging the mind and soul”.

Connect the mind
and soul;

reach next-level dreams

Positive psychology, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy help you understand limiting thought processes, self-sabotaging tendencies and childhood trauma. But if you don’t also tap into what your intuition, heart and the universe are telling you, then you don’t see the full picture. You are not hearing your soul’s sweet call to greater things. The two are equally as important.

That’s what we do throughout this transforming 6-month journey. And we do it in four key elemental stages.


You’ll explore, ground and root into your true self and the projects you’re here to birth.


You’ll emotionally release what’s blocking you and learn to harness your intuition.


It’s time to activate your North Star navigation and get clarity and vision.


You ignite the fire, connect to your passions and take action.

It’ll get raw. It’ll get vulnerable. It’ll crack you open at parts. But I will be there to hold a safe space as you transform into the one-of-a-kind butterfly unicorn that you are.

(And there will be spades full of crazy giggles and fun times involved for you, too. My name is Iona and I don’t do dull and boring.) 

The power to change your life is in you already. Are you ready to live from your heart and boldly claim what makes you happy? 

Are we there yet?

Like a kid in a car, we all want to arrive at the fun place as soon as possible.

But the quest for soul alignment isn’t a quick trek. During our time together, you’ll first go deep before you go up as we take you from your darkest depths to your highest self. To the life you’re ready to grab with both hands. The first thing you need to ask yourself is, “Am I ready to jump off the cliff and face my truth?”. If yes, then awesome! Click here to have a free introductory chat with me.

If you’d rather ease yourself in a bit first then my books, free meditations or live group events might suit you better.

Weave your own magickal journey

I don’t coach each client exactly the same way.

Someone else’s ideal life might be your hell. I work intuitively based on your unique needs. 

Maybe you’re already in touch with your woo woo side and we should work on your neurolinguistics more. Or maybe you’re entrenched in the mundaneness of life and we really need to open you up to the wonders of the universe. We follow your own magical crumb trail to your authentic self.

Here are some of the tools and techniques used in my Elemental: Own Your Natural Power coaching programme…

Positive psychology

The scientific study of what makes your life worth living. By focussing on your strengths we take your life from bland to brilliant.

Rapid transformational therapy

Using therapeutic modalities we can uncover thoughts, feelings and memories hidden by your conscious mind. Your brain can adapt and change its behaviours after being given new experiences.

Neurolinguistic programming

A psychological approach that addresses your thought processes, behaviours and fears to reach your goals.

Deep energy work

We are all energy. By keeping yours in its highest vibrational state you can live a more fulfilling life. Chakra work, meditation, affirmations, boundary setting and energy cleansing are some of the things included.

Past life regression

Recovering memories from past lives can help give context to your current issues and restore emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

Ancient healing modalities

After years of immersing myself in the spiritual wisdom and practices of Hawaiian Kahunas and spiritual guides, I incorporate this knowledge and my Ho’oponopono Masters into my personal coaching programme.

Akashic records

An energetic database of all that is and has happened. Delve into your records, ask questions and receive powerful insights into your past, present and future.

Inner child work

Much of our behaviours stem from our childhood experiences. Learn to reparent yourself and heal your wounds.

Quantum dynamic healing

Powerful ancient energy and healing techniques originating from Hawaiian Healers. It helps you develop a deep connection with your own energetic essence and work with the universal energy field around you.

Working with the universe and cycles

Tuning in to the seasons, moon phases and your own monthly cycle are all vital in understanding what affects your moods and actions.

Women’s health

Reconnect with your natural feminine energy and restore balance, healing and wholeness.

Oracle readings

Receive a unique card reading to guide you for the next 12 months.

I mix science and cosmic magick

because when you let your mind and soul chat, you hear the sweet whispers of your life’s powerful purpose.

As part of the 1-2-1 or group personal coaching programmes, you will:

Goodbye excess luggage!

How you’ll feel after:

My personal coaching programme has helped hundreds of people break through their self-imposed limits and become a positive force in the world.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step (Lao Tzu). Are you ready to start?

An affirmation poem

to get you started on your transformational journey. Repeat after me...

I step out of the conformity box. 

I break through self-limiting blocks.

It’s time to find me.

No more playing small.

I’m worthy of it all.

It’s time to find me.

Through wind, fire, water and air

My life’s true purpose is laid bare.

It’s time to find me.

I follow my North Star.

And raise my life’s bar.

It’s time to find me.

The magic’s been inside all along.

I now hear my soul’s sweet song.

It’s time to find me.

It’s time to find me.

Yes! I want to powerfully get on purpose.

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