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  • Iona Russell
  • October/27/2020

Imposter Syndrome Or Train your Brain for Success – Part 1

What does imposter syndrome feel like?   ✔ Ever felt inadequate ✔ A foreboding sense of failure ✔ Lotta self-doubt?   That’s imposter syndrome for you.  When you feel like you’re not good enough, not worthy and that at any moment you will be found out as a fraud. Feels shitty really and not a … Continue reading “Imposter Syndrome Or Train your Brain for Success – Part 1”

  • Iona Russell
  • October/19/2020

The Best Way to Create a Vision for the Life You Want

What’s stopping you from achieving your most authentic life while creating incredible desires and outcomes? Go on, seriously think this question over and write down all the reasons that you believe are stopping you creating the life you want. What is your big dream, your big vision Some of you may answer I don’t have … Continue reading “The Best Way to Create a Vision for the Life You Want”

  • Iona Russell
  • October/7/2020

Living My Purpose…Finally

Who DO You Be?  I asked my Shine On listeners this last week, partly because I was curious to see who really was living a life on their own terms and partly because I had turned 50. Oh, no this wasn’t out of birthday angst, far from it. I was then and continue to celebrate … Continue reading “Living My Purpose…Finally”

  • Iona Russell
  • July/13/2020

The Journey of the Dreamer

Imagine yourself in a field of flowers. You wander aimlessly, in peaceful bliss. Take in the sights and sounds; the stunning colours, the chirping birds. Feel the warm breeze against your skin. The setting is beautiful. As you walk amongst the violets and clover, you near the edge of the field, where it meets a … Continue reading “The Journey of the Dreamer”