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  • Iona Russell
  • April/13/2020

A Response to “An Imagined Letter from COVID-19 to Humans”

In the midst of a global pandemic, it is natural to feel worried and even fearful. Uncertainty has become a collective experience all over the world, and while the circumstances aren’t ideal, it has brought us together. The global community is supporting one another, near and far. People are finding ways to help, not only their friends, family, and neighbours, but absolute strangers as well. And while it may not be appropriate to call it a silver lining, the changes that are happening across society have encouraged positive actions on a large scale.

The pandemic has also acted as a means of inspiration for artists of all kind. From poems and songs, to sketches and parodies, to inspiring videos, stunning art, and more, artists across the globe are producing amazing creations to help calm our fears, make us laugh, and express emotions shared by many, all around the world.

A client of mine recently shared his fears with me. In addition, he shared a poem by Kristin Flyntz, “An Imagined Letter from COVID to Humans”, along with a video by Darinka Montico featuring the poem translated into Italian with music by David Fesliyan.

This powerful read calls for all of us to simply stop. It demands, from the point of view of COVID, that we pause, be still, ease our busy schedules, stop the noise. It begs of us, on behalf of our world, to consider others, to consider nature, and focus on the health of our planet. In our collective inability to stop and allow earth to recover, this virus has been the only entity with enough power and reach to insist we all pause.

The poem demonstrates the fears and worries shared by our global community, regarding both COVID and the state of nature, but also shows the strength we all have inside of us. The author’s words ring out, demanding we stop polluting the earth, leaving our skies smoggy and waters murky. This collective call asks that we stop infecting our planet, much the same way we want the virus to stop its devastating journey.

Since it was first published March 12th, people have continued to share and translate the poem. It’s reach is only growing; the message permeating hearts and minds worldwide. The message is one of unity against a bigger threat, whether that threat is pollution, loneliness, corruption, or the virus itself.

In fact, the spread of unity and love is quickly overtaking the spread of the virus. We can see it in the window art and sidewalk chalk notes of “thanks” that children have been sharing with frontline workers. We can hear it in the grand cheers and celebrations every evening, recognizing medical staff for their hard work and sacrifice. We can feel it each time someone offers to get groceries for their at-risk friend or neighbour. That love and the sense of community is growing. It may not be a cure, but in a situation such as this, standing together (figuratively, of course) is the best thing we can do!

In times of crisis, there is fear, but there is also courage. There is a sense of community in the shared chaos. As people continue to come together and help one another, sharing words of encouragement and support, our collective power against fear grows. And while it is important and valid to feel your feelings, fear included, finding ways to learn from it fortifies your heart and your soul.

Reading the poem over, I was especially taken by a specific line:

Do not demonize your fear, and also, do not let it rule you. Instead, let it speak to you—in your stillness, listen for its wisdom.

These words are so powerful. We, as individuals and as a community, have the ability and the opportunity to make a difference and shift our perception and energy to reflect love.

In response to my client’s worries, I was inspired to put my own words and energy out into the universe to help combat fear.

A response to An Imagined Letter from COVID-19 to Humans:

I do feel this is a wake up call and we are in the new paradigm shift.
What we choose to do with it is what matters.
What we choose individually and collectively to do matters.
We all matter.
Together we rise.

There is a lot of fear going around but there is so much love and community support too. Choose love.

We are in a moment in time in which we have been given space to re-evaluate our values and beliefs – and see if they are aligned, and to see if we are living them or hiding behind a mask.

Last night from my quarantined door step I joined thousands across the UK at 8pm cheering our emergency staff, cheering all who contribute to the NHS.

I cried into the deep feeling of connection.

Yes these are hard times, and heartbreaking too. I’m not ignoring that.

This is a collective call to pause and breathe.

We are seeing those that hold our communities together, the food chains, medical staff, cleaners, grocery store clerks, etc. Maybe now we can move from the culture of over-paid celebrity influencer status to a true balance in the system, with fair pay, equal pay, a decent living wage, globally.

The tower is falling and we get to be part of how we build our future, and move forward collectively.

Right now we can’t go outside, so it is time to go inside.

It is time to turn inwards, to tune into our souls, our hearts, and connect for the highest good for all. This is a time for awakening and expansion, to disconnect from the matrix and BE part of the change we want to see.

What do you choose?

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